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Time for a change on the hard work only mentality - Let Feng Shui and Bazi empower your life journey

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Is hard work the only factor in determining your success in life?

In our opinion, hard work is only one important part of the success equation. From your experiences, do you agree that comparing among equally hardworking individuals, their achievements can vary to a great extend? Why is this so?

Considering all factors (education level or family background etc) equal, it is usually the scale of opportunities presented that influences individual's level of success.

From our perspective, Bazi - birthdate and time (八字) plays a crucial role in determining the opportunities presented. Wheras, application of Feng Shui helps to bring your opportunities chances to the upper scale level of your natal Bazi (八字) potential.

Bazi also known as four pillars of destiny is a form of time measurement which reference to the 24 solar terms. It represents year, month, day and hour in the form of 60 sexagenary combinations based on 10 heavenly stem and 12 Earthly Branches.

The sexagenary combinations guided by the 24 solar terms define the specific type of Qi (气) energy flowing in that particular year, month, day and hour. A baby who is born at this moment will inhale this specific Qi (气) energy which will then define their personality and the broad outline of their life destiny. It is under this context that forms the basis of Bazi destiny analysis and caesarean date selection.

The purpose of the bazi consultation functions in the same way as using the google map. It provides vital information about you and your life path so that you are able to make the best decision that provide the least resistance to your objectives.

Bazi can provide many important information for example your inherent personality, wealth capacity, potential health risks, skill sets, relationships issues and possible challenges in your life path etc.

With these information, you will be able to focus your strengths on interests that can bring maximum benefits. This will prevent unnecessary wastage of limited time and resources of individuals which serves as the true purpose of Bazi consultation.

Through Bazi, you will understand your strengths and possible challenges. It creates a route map of your life. Understanding the possible issues at hand will allow the usage of another powerful tool named Feng Shui. What its does is to harmonise the Qi (气) energy from the surrounding environment to your house where you will be able to utilise it to enhance your chances of success in various aspects of your life such as health and wealth, if not at least minimise the impact of the challenges.

Bazi provides a broad framework of your lifepath and invariably your action plans while Feng Shui is part of an action tool to improve the probabilities of achieving your goals. Understanding how to utilise both of these tools will help to walk the path of life with least resistance.



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