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Date Selection

what is date selection

and its purpose?

For most of us, we view time as linear and always moving forward. It is a form of measurement which has no direct impact on us individually.
However, from a Chinese metaphysics perspective, time is viewed as cyclical rather than linear. It literally means what goes around comes around. On a fundamental level, time comprise 60 combinations derive from 10 heavenly stems (天干) and 12 earthly branches (地支) that goes in cycles of years, months, days, and hours.
Where we are within the cycle is important as it defines the quality of that moment in time, and affects people based on this quality. Different times have different effects and these qualities repeat like the rising and setting of the sun. 

It is from this setting that defines the purpose of date selection where change is generally predictable and obeys its own laws. If you understand the laws of timing like gravity, you can be prepared for all important activities to your advantage.


Under this context, date selection will be important to you if you want your important activities to take place at a particular point in time where the energies are most conducive for it to occur to achieve maximum benefits.

Important Personal activities

What we are referring to here are personal activities that are of great importance or a milestone in life as follows:

  • Marriage date

  • Marriage proposal

  • Contract signing

  • Medical procedure

  • Business negotiations

It will be comforting to know that you are empowered with supporting energies when performing these activities to achieve best outcomes.



Date selection is an integral part of Feng Shui in achieving optimum results. These Feng Shui related activities are as follows:

  • Moving in office or house

  • Starting of retail business

  • Beginning construction, or renovation based on the orientation of the house 

  • Choosing a date for placing certain things 

  • Setting the door in a specific direction 



Marriage Date Selection

The start of a good marriage

Marriage is both an personal and legal commitment to your partner. It signifies a major milestone in life thus a good marriage date is important to improve the probability of a good starting.


The purpose of a good date and time through date selection is to enhance the smooth proceeding of the marriage day. It also helps in reducing possible inharmonious energy between the couple. This provides enhancement for a happier marriage and also easier acceptance from both families.

Personalised Date and time

The date selection process involve analysing both the couples' Bazi (八字) chart (birth date and time) to understand their inherent nature first before selecting the best dates.


This helps to prevent selecting a day with adverse effect on the couple for example the day clashes with either one of the couple's bazi chart. This level of detail will not be considered if you are using the Tong Shu (通书) to select the marriage date and the result may be counter productive.

An auspicious date will need its good timing to achieve maximum benefits for the couple. A list of auspicious timings within each selected day will be provided for the specific ceremonies requried.


Wedding package Details

A report listing all the auspicious dates and timings for the following ceremonies,


  • Registration of marriage (ROM)

  • Customary wedding dates

  • Betrothal ceremony (过大礼)

  • Bridal bed set up (安床)

A tier rating will be used to differentiate the auspiciousness of each date. We will also include other important information required for your wedding inside the report.

Package fee - S$138

Marriage date selection

Opening Ceremony/ Moving in

Date Selection

Begin a new journey with a strong starting point

Moving into a new office, retail space or residence home can be a huge investment both financially and emotionally. 


Thus it is important that you start off with a good footing where the energies during the moving in will help to enhance prosperity level for all the new occupants. More importantly, the date selection process also ensures that you don't engage in negative energies which will either hinder the business progress or individual career opportunities.

Personalised Date and time

Date selection for Feng Shui application like opening ceremony is not advisable to be obtained from the generic Tong Shu (通书)- Chinese Almanac. The reason is because Tong Shu does not factor in important information like the occupants' birth date in its selection.


In addition, for Feng Shui applications, the house or office unit should also be taken into consideration just like the occupants. However, for the unit itself, we are interested in the facing and sitting direction rather than their construction date. All these factors have to be considered holistically when selecting the good dates.


This holistic approach ensures that the dates selected do not contain non-ideal energies that might have adverse effects on the occupants or house/ office unit. If not, it might cause some initial issues to the business or individual career progression.


 opening CEREMONY/MOVING IN package Details

An onsite measurement will be required to obtain the required information of the office/house unit.


A report listing all the auspicious dates and timings for the opening/moving in ceremony will be provided.

For residential house moving in, we will also include important information to note inside the report.


A tier rating will be used to differentiate the auspicious level of each date. 

Package fee - S$238



for different activities

We also provide date selection services for various important activities as listed below

  • Marriage proposal

  • Contract signing

  • Medical procedure

  • Beginning construction, or renovation based on the orientation of the house 

Engage us now to empower yourself with supporting energies when performing these activities for best outcomes.


Yin Yang 2.jpg

Methodologies Applied

The system used will be a mixture of Bazi (八字) reading and methodologies reference from 协纪辩方书. A cornerstone classical text on date selection commissioned by Qing Emperor Qian Long (乾隆帝) which is also part of the (四库全书) - complete books of the four imperial repositories.

As for Feng Shui related date selection, we will be using Xuan Kong Da Gua method (玄空大卦择日). It is a unique system which take into account the unit as an entity to be considered just like the occupants.

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