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Make informed decisions in your life with BAZI(八字)

Serving as a precursor to Feng Shui analysis, Bazi allows you to make better decisions in choosing a lifepath with least resistance. It also improve your ability to mitigate life's challenges.

Thus, we encourage you to invest in your future now by engaging in a low fee preliminary assessment at SGD$38 for this Bazi consultation.


The preliminary assessment will touch on the following about you:

1. Dominant personality - It allows you to understand why do you think, behave and act in the manner you are.

2. Beneficial elements 喜用神You will be able to have general appreciation of your upcoming Ten-Years Luck Pillars to have a basic understanding of what lies ahead for you.


3. Favorable sectors/directions - You can use this information in many aspects e.g. in purchasing properties in sectors of the country that is favorable to you.


4. Your listed area of interest - We will highlight your past broad experience in the highlighted area of interest e.g. career or wealth.


After the preliminary assessment, you can decide if you want to engage in the full consultation for additional SGD$260.

We make it extremely low risk for you.

Check out our Blog to have better understanding of Bazi and Feng Shui.


Why do you need a Bazi consultation?

Knowledge is the fuel for powerful actions to change your life

Life is always about making choices, for example which route to take during the peak hours in order to avoid traffic jam or which bus to take for you to reach your desired destination. For both of these actions, you will most probably be using google map to provide information for your course of action. In summary, you are trying to gain knowledge of the situation to make the best decision.

The purpose of the Bazi consultation functions in the same way as using the google map. It provides vital information about you and your life path so that you are able to make the best decision that provide the least resistance to your life.

Bazi, a Chinese astrology based on your birth date and time, can provide many important information. For example your dominant personality, wealth capacity, suitable career paths, skill sets, relationships issues and possible challenges in your life path etc.

With these information, you will be able to focus your strengths on interests that can bring maximum benefits. This will prevent unnecessary wastage of limited time and resources of individuals which serves as the true purpose of Bazi consultation.


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Extremely Low Risk


Getting a bazi consultation can be a substantial investment for us. Thus we provide an extremely low risk approach for you.

To save your time and resources, we will have an unique arrangement. You can choose to engage in a low fee preliminary assessment at SGD$38. After which, you can decide whether to proceed on with the full consultation. We make it extremely low risk for you. The choice is in your hand.

Your Privacy Matters


For better privacy experience, the consultation session will be conducted offline. All communication will be through email.


You will be given a 2 weeks period to ask any questions of your concerns after receiving your report. This way, we hope to alleviate any uncomfortable feeling when asking sensitive questions caused by in person consultation.


what does the consultation covers and its process?

The whole consultation process will be as follows:

1. You can choose to engage in a low fee preliminary assessment at SGD$38 where we will touch on your dominant personality, beneficial elements 喜用神,favourable directions and past broad experience in the highlighted area of interest e.g. career or wealthThe preliminary assessment will come around 3 to 5 days. After which you can decide if you want to proceed on with the actual consultation.


2. Once you confirm your interest, we will require you to make a few specific questions to guide the focus of your consultation. You will also need to make a 50% deposit of SGD$130  prior to the full consultation (SGD$260).

3. We will reply your questions in a report format within 14 days upon receiving the payment. After receiving the report, you will have another 14 days to ask any additional questions.

4. The actual consultation can cover the following areas listed below:

  1. Personality

  2. Strength and skillsets

  3. Family relationship (spouse/partner/family etc.)

  4. Possible challenges during the course of your life

  5. Wealth Capacity

  6. Suitable Career and industry

  7. How to use your beneficial element (用神) to augment your behavior for betterment of wealth and career

  8. Analysis of the individual year for coming 5 years

  9. Your next 2 Ten Year Luck Pillar

  10. Any other important questions pertaining to your life

What is bazi(八字) ?

Bazi also known as four pillars of destiny is a form of time measurement. Reference to the 24 solar terms, it represents year, month, day and hour in the form of 60 sexagenary combinations based on 10 heavenly stem and 12 Earthly Branches.


The 24 solar terms were created by farmers in ancient China to guide the agricultural affairs and farming activities based on earth's position relative to the sun. 


These terms reflect the changes in climate and agricultural production which will affect the characteristic of the Qi () energy circulating.

The sexagenary combinations guided by the 24 solar terms define the specific type of Qi () flowing in that particular year, month, day and hour. A baby who is born at this moment will inhale this specific Qi () energy which will then define their personality and the broad outline of their life destiny. It is under this context that forms the basis of Bazi destiny analysis and caesarean date selection.


Earth and Sun_edited.jpg
Bazi 1.jpg

Natal Bazi Chart, Male born in 20 May 1982,8pm

how does bazi
(八字analysis works?

The fundamental of Bazi analysis is based on the understanding of the interaction on both the pillars and the stars between the natal chart (your original birthdate and time) , 10 years and annual luck cycles.

The natal chart pillars are defined by the year, month, day and time (refer to figure on the left). Each pillar has its own representation depending on the subject matter. For example on family relationship, the year pillar represent the grandparents while the month represent the parents. As for both spouse and children, they are represented by the day and time pillars respectively.


The stars which can be also known as ten gods (十神) are represented by the 10 heavenly stems (甲,乙,丙,丁,戊,己,庚,辛,壬,癸). You are represented by the heavenly stem in the day pillar. Reference to the figure on the left, the person of interest is represented by and his family members are represented by either one of the heavenly stems. The stars' representation of the family members are only pertaining to day person for the figure shown.


Various interactions among the natal chart, ten years and annual luck pillars

how does bazi(八字)
analysis works?

The analysis will begin from understanding the inherent nature of the natal chart. The parameters we look at are as follows: 

1) strength of the day person (strong () or weak () etc) 

2) chart structure (正财格 direct wealth structure etc) 

3) climate condition of the chart (调候 - warm or cold)

4) useful god (用神 - most beneficial star in the chart) 

5) various interactions among the pillars (combination () or clash () etc)


It will then be followed by studying the impacts and changes brought upon by the ten years and annual luck cycle onto the natal chart.

Based on the types of interaction among the pillars, we will analyse both the pillars and stars affected to forecast possible events depending on the subject matter which can be on wealth, career, relationship or health issues.

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