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How to properly read and understand a Bazi chart

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

What is Bazi?

Bazi also known as four pillars of destiny is a form of time measurement. Reference to the 24 solar terms, it represents year, month, day and hour in the form of 60 sexagenary combinations based on 10 heavenly stem and 12 Earthly Branches.

The 24 solar terms were created by farmers in ancient China to guide the agricultural affairs and farming activities based on earth's position relative to the sun.

These terms reflect the changes in climate and agricultural production which will affect the characteristic of the Qi (气) energy circulating.

The sexagenary combinations guided by the 24 solar terms define the specific type of Qi (气) flowing in that particular year, month, day and hour. A baby who is born at this moment will inhale this specific Qi (气) energy which will then define their personality and the broad outline of their life destiny. It is under this context that forms the basis of Bazi destiny analysis and caesarean date selection.

How does Bazi (八字) analysis works?

The fundamental of Bazi analysis is based on the understanding of the interaction on both the pillars and the stars between the natal chart (your original birthdate and time), 10 years and annual luck cycles.

The natal chart pillars are defined by the year, month, day and time. Each pillar has its own representation depending on the subject matter. For example, on family relationship, the year pillar represents the grandparents while the month represent the parents. As for both spouse and children, they are represented by the day and time pillars respectively.

The stars which are known as ten gods (十神) are represented by the 10 heavenly stems (甲,乙,丙,丁,戊,己,庚,辛,壬,癸). You are represented by the heavenly stem in the day pillar. Reference to the figure below, the chart holder is represented by 癸 and his family members are represented by either one of the heavenly stems. The stars' representation of the family members is only pertaining to 癸 day person for the figure shown.

The analysis will begin from understanding the inherent nature of the natal chart. The parameters we look at are as follows:

1) Strength of the Chart Holder (strong (强) or weak (弱) etc). It highlights whether the chart holder will require additional support (weak (弱) or need to curb the influences (strong (强) from same (比肩) or resource (印) element. The basis follows the universal law on balance of forces.

2) Chart Structure which is determine by the most influential energy in the chart (正财格 Direct Wealth Structure etc). The chart structure has strong influence on your personality and career choice inclination.

3) Climate Condition of the Chart (调候 - warm or cold). Referencing our living condition, we cannot survive in extreme situations where the climate is either too hot or cold. This nature law is also reflected inside our Bazi chart. Having a chart where the climate condition is on either extreme will affect one’s opportunities in life.

4) Useful God (用神 - most beneficial star in the chart) – Identifying the Useful God 用神 is critical for Bazi analysis. If the Useful God 用神 is strong in the chart, it would facilitate good opportunities for the chart holder throughout his/her life.

5) Various Interactions among the Pillars (combination (合) or clash (冲) etc) – The various interaction will provide indications of possible challenges and movement of the chart holder. For example, a clash between the day pillar and annual luck pillar may highlights potential argument with your partner etc. for that particular year.

Most of the material written in English mainly talk about the strength of the chart holder. It highlights only part of the picture, and may not be the important factor to look at. All these 5 factors highlighted above have to be analysed holistically. If not, it will be difficult to determine the real useful god 用神 of the chart and it may result in inaccurate forecast.

The natal chart will be further studied with the ten years and annual luck cycle to understand the impacts and changes brought by it.

Based on the types of interaction among the pillars, we will analyse both the pillars and stars affected to forecast possible events depending on the subject matter which can be on wealth, career, relationship or health issues.

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