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Hard Truths about Feng Shui Consultation

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

There is a common myth on Feng Shui where all issues of the house can be rectified by the consultant through proposing some remedies. While it is a fair thought, it is far from the truth.

Similar to other professions like car mechanics, not all cars sent to the garage can be repaired. It depends on the damage severity. This thought can also be translated to Feng Shui.

As mentioned in our website, there are 4 factors affecting Feng Shui. They are environment, building, Qi (气) energy management and lastly the occupants. Both the surrounding environment (hills, rivers and big drainage etc.) and the building design (façade facing direction and shape etc.) are the major determinants of your house Feng Shui quality. These 2 factors are what we call the macro perspectives of Feng Shui, mostly predetermined beyond the consultant's control.

The next valid question will be, what is the value of engaging a Feng Shui consultant if most of the things are already predetermined?

Beside studying the Qi (气) energy flow from the environment and identifying any non-ideal features (building edge and narrow wind gap etc.) affecting on your house. The consultant focus will be on the Qi (气) energy management using Xuan Kong flying stars etc. and the occupants as these are the 2 factors where he has some control.

Combining analysis on all the 4 factors mentioned, he will then advise the occupants on the appropriate area to perform various functions. On most cases, the consultant will have some flexibility in arranging the occupants like switching of rooms or providing some remedies based on elemental needs (wood, fire, earth, metal and water).

However, there will be instance when the consultant will have difficulties in proposing solutions. This is when the influences from the non-ideal features are so severe that it is beyond rectification. An example will be combination of 2 non-ideal features such as main door directly connected to a long flight of downward stairs and small wind gap between 2 building in close proximity to the facing of the house etc. These two features will cause instability to the energy flow of the house.

For this example, even if you have good stars in the affected sectors from an energy management perspective, it will be rendered ineffective. These non-ideal features will bring out the negative aspect of these stars. A rule of thumb is environment features influences take precedence over Qi (气) energy management.

There is no remedy per se unless these non-ideal features can be physically removed which is not possible. An honest advice will be to look for a new house. If that is not possible, another suggestion will be to restrict the time spent in this house especially when performing important tasks.

Although disappointing to mention, the hard truth of Feng Shui is that not all issues can be remedied. We hope to share this perspective so that expectations can be managed for personnel seeking Feng Shui consultation.



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