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Why do you need Feng Shui?
Success = Readiness + Opportunities 

Is hard work in readiness the only factor in determining your success?

In our opinion, hard work is only one important part of the success equation. From your experiences, do you agree that comparing among equally hardworking individuals, their achievements can vary to a great extend? Why is this so?

Considering all factors (education level or family background etc) equal, it is usually the scale of opportunities presented that influences individual's level of success.

From our perspective, Bazi - birthdate and time (八字) plays a crucial role in determining the opportunities presented. Whereas, application of Feng Shui helps to bring your opportunities chances to the upper scale level of your natal Bazi (八字) potential.

In summary, Bazi (八字) provides your life path's broad framework and Feng Shui helps to maximise the potential within it.

Do you want to get your extra edge in life through feng shui(风水​?

Hi, welcome to MHS Classical Feng Shui

We are a BaziFeng Shui and Date Selection consultancy firm where we

1. use proven systems to influence positive changes to your wealth, career and relationship management
2. do not engage in selling any Feng Shui products
3. are determined to provide affordable fees for all

We are prepared to help you. Our question to you is, are you ready to help yourself?

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Check out our Blog to have a better understanding of Feng Shui and Bazi.
Why are we



Leverage on our years of research into classical Feng Shui systems.


We streamlined various systems into workable methods to influence positive results for you.


We provide professionalism and clarity in our consultation through clear communication and proper document reporting. 


We want as many people as possible to benefit from these classical Chinese knowledge.


Thus we are determined to make our consultation fees affordable for everyone. We serve our clients by providing reliable and yet affordable Feng Shui consultancy service.


We are confident that our fees are among the most competitive across this industry.

Lead Consultant - Jefferson Wong 

Feng Shui Practitioner

An engineer by training, lead consultant Jefferson Wong uses his strong analytical aptitude and logical thinking skill to explore into the world of chinese metaphysis. He spent the past decade researching on various interests such as Bazi and Feng Shui. He used his research findings to provide practical solutions to many individuals with positive results. These success cases aspire him to outreach classical feng shui to a greater audience.

Corporate Roots

Jefferson graduated with a master's degree in mechanical engineering from National University of Singapore (NUS). Previously, he held various managerial roles in different agencies and multi-national company. Adopted from his corporate training, he provides simple and practical solutions which are well received by his clients.


What is Feng Shui? 



Feng Shui is a natural science that considers the environment as an integral element in the art of living. Based on the interactions of Qi (气) energy amongst the movements of the time (heaven), living environment (earth), and one's birth date (individual) to devise favourable direction and space areas for occupants’ living quarter and work place. 

Qi (气) plays an important role in Feng Shui. It is the energy or magnetic fields in nature. The main concept of Feng Shui is about identifying Qi (气) from the environment and utilising it in an appropriate way in our living space to enhance our relationships, careers and health.

Feng Shui was used only by the imperial royals of the past. It has evolved through thousands of years of observations of the world's orderliness to become a sound and complete system.

How Feng Shui Works



Feng Shui analysis start by observing the surrounding environment and its corresponding landforms such as rivers and mountains etc. This helps to understand how the Qi (气) energy flows and to detect any ideal or non-ideal landform features to take note.



After the macro analysis which focus on the environment and building, we will move on to the micro analysis portion. This will be to understand the Qi (气) energy distribution (dictated by macro factors) inside the living space within residential units or office area and how to manage them.



Next will be correlating the corresponding landform features to the building location. Additional things to check will be the building facing orientation and its construction completion date which are critical to the analysis.



Lastly, through the understanding of the Qi (气) distribution in their space areas, the occupants can utilise the good Qi (气) energy to enhance their health, wealth and relationships.


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Gather your wisdom and inner courage to find answers to your life deep questions such as

How can I improve my

  • relationship with my family members?

  • health and wellbeing?

  • career opportunities and progression?

  • wealth capacity and financial position?

  • investment opportunities?

  • chances of meeting my future spouse?

  • working relationship with my fellow colleagues?

  • my children or personal academic performance?

Classical Feng Shui is For You 

If you have been experiencing plateau and wishes to seek  breakthrough or improvement in different aspects of life. 

If you are facing challenges and wishes to improve the current situation.

If you do not believe in buying expensive Feng Shui accessories which has no real purpose in utilising Qi (气) energy.


Religious studies

Feng Shui is an independent study with no direct linkage to any religion. Classical texts from either Song, Ming or Ching dynasty did not provide any form of religious thought in it.



To distinguish between superstition and fact, one must first understand the subject. We will encourage those with these thoughts to investigate and acquire a good knowledge in this field. Importantly to apply it to see if there is any result. After which you can judge whether Feng Shui is superstition or not.


Feng Shui Accessories 

Usage of expensive money toads, statues of elephants or calabash gourds etc are not part of Classical Feng Shui. Feng Shui remedies relies on the understanding of the interactions of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). This can be applied using simple home usage items like table lamp and humidifier etc.

Debunking Myths of Feng Shui


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